Normal Adolescent Development

Throughout history parents have been troubled by the behavior of their teens. When both teens and parents are prepared and aware of these commonly known hallmarks of adolescents, it makes the “transition years” much easier to cope with:

Adolescence is a time of pronounced changes in…
• Body
• Emotions
• Attitudes and values
• Intellect
• Relationships with peers, parents and others
• Freedom and responsibility

Typical teenage behaviors/changes.

Physical changes
Endocrine glands release hormones that cause.
• Sudden growth spurts
• Development of sex characteristics
• Mood swings

Emotional changes
• Tied to hormonal activity
• Preoccupation with sexuality
• Moodiness
• Impulsiveness
• Anxiety
• Restless energy
• Daring risk-taking

Social changes
• Trying to create a personality
• Inconsistent demands for responsibility/independence
• Idealism
• Peer relations
• Communications

• Peer relations
• Personal views on attitudes/values/beliefs
• Conflicted opinions