Secure Facility Programs

Secure Facility Programs

Northwest Behavioral Healthcare Services

At Northwest we believe that each individual is capable, if they choose, to acquire the skills to think, feel and behave differently. This philosophy does not dismiss the clinical validity of diagnoses and disabilities. However, our focus is on the practical realities of teaching the young person how to effectively take personal responsibility, how to make healthy choices for themselves and their relationships, and how to positively cope with individual issues.

Our program offers the young person a unique combination of traditional mental health and addiction treatments. In addition our program offers experiential treatment services, such as art therapy, recreation therapy, and creative expression. We utilize a solution-focused model, which helps adolescents work towards solutions to daily problems. The emphasis is on goal setting and achieving positive thinking and direction. Our positive milieu approach focuses on monitoring and modifying inappropriate and even extreme behavior problems.

While group therapy is used extensively because of its effectiveness with teens, Northwest recognizes the need for other therapeutic efforts. Psychiatric and psychological services, individual counseling, family counseling, substance abuse counseling/education, abuse victims counseling and special educational services are just a few of the additional treatment services available and utilized. These services will more specifically address the adolescent’s needs while supporting and complementing group therapies.

A total life approach – mind, body and spirit – combined with group and individual therapy as well as consistent structure, heal the past while the adolescent deals with the present.