Do’s and Don’ts of Parenting

(Most overriding rules)

Don’t apologize for parenting; it’s an obligation you must carry out and do your best.

Don’t feel guilty when you must say no, it’s presumed the decision is well reasoned and thought out.

Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep.

Don’t be inconsistent with the standards you’ve chosen to raise your child with.

Don’t be rigid and in flexible; Don’t lose your sense of humor.

Don’t put an over emphasis on feelings. The facts of a situation are more important.

Don’t stress self-esteem over self-control. Self-control is more important.

Don’t accept disrespect.

Don’t expect your kids to always like you or appreciate you.

Don’t make decisions before you think. Get some space between you and the situation first.


Do expect parenting to be difficult.

Do parent! Families are not democracies; somebody has to be the grown-up and be in control.

Do make the best decisions you can. Reasonableness is the key. You decide what’s reasonable.

Do spend time with your kids. Show interest in what they do and value.

Do be consistent with family values and morals.

Do be flexible and maintain your sense of humor and perspective.

Do judge your kids by their behavior and especially their goodness. Reward acts of goodness.

Do apologize if you are wrong.

Do be vigilant, pay attention to changes in your child.

Do know their friends and their parents.

For Divorced Parents:

1. Be polite and civil to each other in front of your children.

2. Don’t share negative feelings about each other with your children.

3. Talk to each other directly, never use your children as messengers. Keep them out of the middle.

4. Don’t compete for your child’s loyalty or affection.

5. Respect each others rules.

6. Communicate, cooperate, and be consistent for your kid’s sake.