The Morals of Chess

Something I read recently amazed me as to its application in what we try to impart to kids in our programs.

Remarkably, it was written in 1779 by Ben Franklin: this is paraphrased from “The Morals of Chess”

Look into the future and consider the consequences. Think about the real advantages to yourself, than wonder about the impact on others and how that might reflect on your life. Imagine how you might defend your position.


Examine the bigger picture including the dangers, the possibilities, and probabilities. Be braver about options that scare you.


Don’t make moves in haste or in passion. Keep the rules and guidelines of law, etiquette, and commandments. Understand that once you’ve made your move, you set into play a series of events over which you may not have recourse, from which you might suffer in your soul as well as your life.

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