How we can help: Children of Divorce

Children of divorce often pay the highest price when families find themselves in the unfortunate position of dissolution or even possible reconciliation of marriage. For over a decade, the Academy at Sisters has provided expert care and educational services to teen girls who find themselves in the throws of their parent’s problems.
You can help your daughter through cooperative co-parenting. Divorce is traumatic for everyone involved. For kids there can be guilt, anger, stress, and depression. Adults must do their best to help their children adjust.

Some primary dos and don’ts of parenting are:

1) Be polite and civil to each other in front of your children.

2) Do not share negative feelings about the other parent with your children.

3) Talk to each other directly. Never use your children as messengers.

4) Don’t compete for your child’s loyalty or affections.

5) Respect each other’s rules.

6) Cooperate, communicate and try to be consistent for the kid’s sake.

If your daughter is struggling to cope with these family issues, we can help. The Academy at Sisters is a girls only, emotional growth boarding school in the resort town of Bend, Oregon.

How can Academy at Sisters help? What are a few of the services she and her family would receive?

Personalized treatment planning with Case Management and oversight by a Clinical Support

Team for medication management, any necessary testing and expert consulting

Weekly therapeutic individual sessions, 5 different Emotional Growth Groups which meet

Weekly in addition to Specialty Groups which are targeted to meet special circumstances and needs (Adoption, Grief & Loss, Victim Recovery, Body Image, etc.)

Family support and guidance to assist in successful reintegration back home
Equine Assisted Growth Program (EAGP), which is highly beneficial to students with a history of trauma, victimization, poor boundaries and/or lack of confidence; allows students to heal in a multitude of ways.

Community Outreach and Volunteer Services for development of empathy and to foster a sense of self-worth and confidence by “giving back”

An array of outdoor recreational opportunities in the resort town of Bend, Oregon

An opportunity to reach her full potential and for parents to “have their daughter back”