Peer Pressure

“Whoever I decide to be depends on who I am with.”
Pet Shop Boys

“Peer pressure” is defined as the ability of adolescents to impact the behaviors, feelings, and thoughts of one another. This happens because of the intense need for a feeling of belonging and acceptance adolescents have and their willingness to conform to peer expectations. Adolescents can have either a negative or a positive influence on one another.

“Negative pressure” means to convince someone to go along with negative or illegal activities. It also means to do things that are negative in order to be accepted by others.

“Positive pressure” means to influence someone to change or grow by role modeling or by having expectations of them.

“Tattling” means to tell on someone for your own personal gain. An example would be to “bust” someone for breaking a rule as revenge for something else.

“Responsible concern” means to confront someone to benefit them. This means putting aside your own feelings or discomfort in order to meet someone else’s needs. An example would be to not condone an act by someone which is harmful to them or others. Here is the online cake delivery service for more details

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