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Download Norton Antivirus Security Software – How to

Norton Antivirus is one of the safest and most extensively used software for the end users that include a variety of people and organizations – from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational corporations and students and professionals.

The software is created with ease of use and navigation in mind. The whole procedure is thus made a more easy and intuitive experience by the design and architectural setup of the program code and everything thereon. The Antivirus is published by Symantec Corp and is in use for almost 22 version spanning more than 20 years. The proof of reliability lies in the fact that Google and its subsidiary Gmail use Norton Antivirus in there virus and other malware checks.

How To Download Norton Antivirus Security Software

Norton is not a difficult software to work with. Except for one small incident (incompatibility issue with Zonealarm firewall) the software has worked well and has been neutrally and easy to work with almost each and every piece of software that has existed in the market. The whole setup of the Norton antivirus – Setup Norton, is easy and not difficult to navigate. Not only are the steps very convenient to follow, but also they are an epitome of simplicity in software installation.

If you have bought a license key for the antivirus and have possession of it, simply go to Google.com and write down download Norton antivirus, now click the Norton antivirus official website link and agree to the terms and conditions and download the full version of the setup acknowledging that the license key is available with you. Once the download completes, go to the folder where the file has downloaded (by default in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, for Windows, it is Downloads folder). Norton setup Now select the setup file and run it as the administrator, this will require you to enter the password of the admin, get it if you do not have it. Once you have it, run the installation file. It will compute the disk space, download updates for the setup, allocate space in the disk drive of your choosing, ask for permissions to install several add-ons and web browser extensions etc., keep reading the content attached with dialogue for yes or no and you will sail through the installation fine.

The whole setup of the Norton antivirus

Once it completes, then the computer will restart and will allow the user to control the system again. Once that starts, simply select the antivirus program and you should be able to see a graphical user interface after selecting the app from the desktop shortcut, start menu shortcut or taskbar shortcut. The interface will have a variety of running services and processes listed such as –

  • Firewall
  • Anti Spam and Phishing Service
  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware
  • Antimalware
  • Keylogger stoppers
  • Rootkit removers
  • Trojan removers among others

The antivirus industry thus has become a comprehensive and very competitive market, however, Norton antivirus remains on the top spot with the best and most prestigious position being reserved for it.